Meet the Creative Mind Behind the Unseen

Helena Sá Lima is the creative mind behind the Unseen.

Things you should know about Helena before teaming up

1- Let me briefly say something about her

She is Helena. 

A girl from the north with that typical strong accent.

She lives in the land of Maria da Fonte, known to be a symbol of female power and strength, a representation of a broader fight for freedom and social justice. 

Maria da Fonte remains in our collective memory as “a woman wielding the scythe of the field”. 

I guess you can picture the scene.

2 – What she can do for you?

  • She can create. 
  • She can develop. 
  • She can manage. 
  • She can write. 
  • She can deliver.

She is an action-oriented problem-solver and yes, she believes that, when given the right challenge, she can do everything. (Well, singing and stay in tune and playing soccer aren’t her thing.)

She only embraces projects that she truly believes and when it happens, she’s deeply dedicated, devoted, and committed.

She will care about your business and your customers and definitely give above and beyond to the project.

Yes, she can make things happen!

3 – What she can do for you?

So, what does it mean?

Scanner, multi-passionate or multipotentialite are terms to define a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. Some people say they have superpowers.

Multipotentiality is the ability to select and develop any number of career options because of a wide variety of interests, aptitudes, and abilities.” Frederickson & Rothney, 1972

Helena had many paths and pursued all of them. Most people won’t believe she did everything she states in her resume.

The best way to outline it: she has strong transferable skills with proven results. 

You must test it out!